It’s hard to believe that week 11 is here already! (I feel as though I say that about every week… But it’s true!) It feels like

As I write this blog, my head is still buzzing from the excitement of my final weigh on Monday! This was my final week in the

If you have a consultation with me you will get a nutrition plan to suit your goals at the time of our consultation. It may be

My name is Raelene and I am 52 years  old. It is quite hard to admit that….I almost choke on the words as I write them.

With a rather ripe Banana and a squishy mango sitting lonely in the fruit bowl….here’s a little healthy treat that I made for my boys for

On New Years Day this year, I found a resolution in my diary that I wrote on the 1st January 2014. I wanted to

One thing I’m really proud of at Krave is our Group Fitness Instructors & Trainers. We train hard and we are fit. As your mentors and