Your Krave Instructors



One thing I’m really proud of at Krave is our Group Fitness Instructors & Trainers. We train hard and we are fit.
As your mentors and instructors I believe we should train hard and be fit but were we always this fit? Well, no. We weren’t born ‘fit’ and ‘fit’ is not a gift.
We fell in love with fitness, the benefits it brings and we made a commitment to our health and fitness. We worked hard at it and became experts in our fields and continue to work on it each and every day.

Whether we teach Zumba, Personal Training, Bar Class, Yoga, Circuit Training, Pilates or Kickboxing – we all share a passion – health, well being and fitness and we have studied and continue to learn and study the ever evolving science of health and fitness so we can bring you the best.

We are motivating, committed, dedicated and we truly love what we do – we walk the talk. Our Instructors and trainers have done and continue to do everything we ask of our clients, students and members. Krave instructors do not expect you to ‘do as I say’ but rather ‘let’s do as I do’.
You will see our instructors spreading their fitness wings and participating in various classes. You will often see our Zumba Instructors, boxing gloves on or kettle bell in hands at 6am in the morning, you’ll see them in the weights room, you will often see our Yoga Instructor shaking her booty in Zumba, you will often see Jason and myself trying to hold a pose in Yoga and sometimes you’ll see an all star cast of instructors giving Tabata our all in our commitment to keep our fitness level at it’s best.
Are we good at all classes, are we good at everything? No. We all have our expert fields and strengths, however, it’s our commitment to ourselves, our fitness and the sense of achievement we feel as we step out of our comfort zone or our field of expertise and open ourselves to learning and achieving more.
Not only do we cross train in different classes to condition different muscle groups, prevent injury, step out of our comfort zones, develop new skills and improve on our skills but our number one love is to train along side our members and clients.

Shereen x