Instructor Profiles

Shereen Oliver - is a Certificate III and Certificate IV qualified coach, Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer, Food and Wellness Coach and owner of Krave Fitness.

Shereen is a Group Exercise Instructor, Dance Fitness Instructor, Cardio Kickboxing Instructor and Zumba Instructor. She also holds a Certificate in Diet and Nutrition. Shereen is legally entitled to provide basic dietary advice, undertake meal analysis and provide meal plans to all her clients.

She has worked one on one setting and achieving goals with her clients with some outstanding results in fat loss and building lean muscle. She has worked in Primary Schools all over Sydney teaching gymnastics and athletics and instructs Group Exercise in the form of Cardio Kickboxing, Cardio Fitness, Stretching & Flexibility and Muscular Conditioning.

In April 2010 Zumba Fitness® hit our shores and in May 2010 Shereen became a certified Zumba Instructor and brought the cardio party that is Zumba® to Western Sydney.

In 2012 Shereen took her love of strength training and body sculpting and trained for a Figure Competition. Under the guidance of a coach and her trainer Jason Oliver, Shereen made it to the stage at the Nationals for the Australian National Bodybuilding Competition in October, 2012. The hard work certainly paid off and Shereen placed 3rd at Nationals in the Novice Division. In 2013 Shereen travelled to Queensland to compete in the ANB Asia Pacific Competition placing 2nd and 4th and then later that year, travelled to Victoria and placed 1st at the INBA All Female Classic earning her the opportunity to compete internationally.

"Shereen knows what it takes to work hard for a healthy lifestyle. A chubby kid with no understanding of sport or nutrition she decided in her late teens to learn more about fitness, health and nutrition". Then again, later in life after giving birth to twins, Shereen had to once again regain her health and fitness postpartum. Two years later she had her 3rd baby boy which made for a super busy household. Shereen knows from experience, what it takes and the emotions and sacrifices involved in getting your health and fitness back during this very busy time in life. Through her personal experience she will support you, get you fit and feeling good about yourself no matter what age or fitness level you are. Her passion is to have her clients living long, healthy and especially, happy lives!

Yvette – is a qualified Cert III Group Fitness Instructor with over 24 years dancing experience. She has performed in many touring shows and has showcased her talent in a lot of promotional work for the NRL, Westfields and Channel V to name a few.

Yvette’s true passion for fitness came after having her first child and attending dance fitness classes at Krave Fitness. (Yvette has since had baby number 2 and life is busy with her 2 beautiful girls so she understands what’s involved in making time to give back yourself).

“I wanted to try something fun that would help motivate me into becoming fit and healthy again. It sure did that and I became addicted to the health and fitness benefits. I decided to combine my love of dance and my new love of fitness and became an instructor!

Yvette’s bright, bubbly personality stood out on the dance floor and her caring nature was exactly what we needed on the Krave Team!

You can be sure Yvette will give you an incredible work out, look after your fitness needs and answer all your questions!

Jason Oliver - is a Certificate III & Certificate IV qualified coach and Personal Trainer and owner of Krave Fitness.

Jason has been involved in fitness from a young age. He was a state swimmer and formally served within the Australian Army as a part of the elite and one of the fittest, Parachute (Para) Battalion 3RAR and various other government organisations.

Boasting an excellent work ethic Jason is a firm believer of the effectiveness of group environment fitness. He draws from his past experiences to deliver his programs and believes anyone has athletic ability by utilising functional movements like running, squatting, lifting, pushing and pulling. This in turn increases power, strength, speed, co-ordination, agility and balance.

Jason has invested and learnt from some of the most respected in the fitness industry and from some of the best coaches in the world. He is very proud to have trained his partner Shereen for each of her Figure Competitions.

No matter what your age or fitness level, Jason will help you achieve your goals.

Catherine – is a qualified dance fitness instructor and also a mum to 2 gorgeous girls! She is a Speech Pathologist specialising in voice therapy and in her spare time is seen on stage in musicals and plays! Cath has been a dance fitness addict since becoming a member at Krave Fitness 5 years ago. After losing 25kg in a Krave Fitness Challenge 3 years ago, she challenged herself to become an instructor and made that goal a reality in June 2017.

Cath’s crazy, fun, carefree nature is an asset to our Krave dance fitness team!

Carol – is our Executive Happiness Manager. She ensures everything is perfect for all of us at Krave! A mum of 2 teenage boys, Carol became a member of Krave Fitness 5 years ago after never having been in a gym before. Carol is very knowledgeable and learnt everything about nutrition, training and fitness under the guidance of both Shereen and Jason as mentors and trainers. She has been training consistently and learning ever since.

Carol’s down to earth, honest and caring nature is an asset at Krave.