Your First Krave DanceFit Class

It's the same class for everyone but we all look completely different when we cut loose on the dance floor. Some participants are older, some are pregnant, some are nursing past injuries, some are there to move and be social, some are there to burn 1000 calories, some just toe tap and sing and some dance like crazy nutcases! We all slot in for a fun hour and feed off each other’s energy and love!

It’s a one hour class of booty shaking to latin rhythms such as salsa, cumbia, reggaeton, hip hop, bollywood and more. Best to be on time...you’ll need to sign your indemnity form. Once you’ve signed that form, we will keep it on file and you will be ready to attend future classes – plus you really need to warm that body up in our warm up songs for the dance fitness fun that’s about to go down! Wear comfy clothing, have an open mind, put no pressure on yourself and just let yourself go....as long as you’re moving, you’re winning! With easy to follow moves you will love dancing and sweating in our calorie burning, body energising class! Bring water and a handtowel to this class but if you forget your water don’t worry, you can purchase some at the club.

Bookings Required

We like you to book in where possible for everyone’s comfort and we would love to know your name, that way we’ll be expecting you and will be there to greet you.

You can book into any class by calling, text message, email or facebook.


$20.00 per casual class. If you're like so many others that fall in love with our classes we have membership options.

Now don’t be late!

Please try and arrive 10 minutes before class so all payments can be made before class begins and we can start on time.

Click here to make an online booking