WEEK 1 On Monday morning, the first day of my 12 week challenge, I looked at myself in the mirror and said goodbye to my chubby.

Week 2 I was walking down the street one day last week and realised that I was grinning to myself like the Cheshire Cat. Was it

This week was hard. After having the energy of a young gazelle in week 2, I got hit with a throat infection over the weekend and

Treat meal.   Two of the sweetest words ever uttered.   You’ve probably all gathered by now my love of pizza and pasta and all things

When I started this challenge I knew I was in for a total life upheaval and was expecting myself to feel absolutely miserable for a very

Wow! Half way through the challenge already! Where has that time gone?! Not a huge amount to report this week. The weeks are rolling into each

I faced my hardest challenge this week – I attended the baby shower of a dear friend who had set out a cornucopia of sweets and

Hello there, thanks for stopping by again!   This week was really tough. I’m not going to lie and pretend it wasn’t, I want to be

Doing this challenge so publicly has been an interesting experience. I wasn’t actually going to tell anyone I was doing it at first, I was hesitant