Chris Doran

Two years ago my daughters talked me into trying to get fit and healthier for my grandchildren by going to Zumba. I thought ok I will try it but it would be too hard for an oldie.I could hardly make it through the class but I loved it and now I can make it without puffing. Shereen is the most amazing woman and can she shake it. She always encourages everyone to try their best with their stomach sucked in but above all to move it and have fun.I have never stuck to any type of exercise before but now I hate to miss my Zumba class and I even gave up going out to dinner on my birthday because I love Zumba so much. I not only feel better but have more confidence because no one laughed at the old lady trying to zumba and in fact everyone at the classes are such nice people and have so much fun. Thanks Shereen for everything you do. You and Zumba are amazing and lots of fun.