I started coming to Zumba classes last December, at first i was a little nervous and had no coordination but i loved it by the end and couldnt wait to come back for more and Shereen made me feel so welcome. Doing Zumba with Shereen has not only helped improve my fitness but has made me realise that exercising can be fun. I use to go to the gym but I would always lose interest after a couple of months and stop going because I thought it was boring. But now I cant wait to go to Zumba every week and I always have the best time, even when I\’ve had a bad day at work Shereen and Zumba is just what I need to put that smile on my face. I have never had so much fun sweating and exercising. I have just started Shereen\’s Weight Loss Challenge and I cannot wait to see the resuts I will achieve. Thanks Shereen for introducing Zumba to me.