Mary I

Zumba with Shereen is the best exercise you will get PERIOD. Her enthusiasm is contagious, her classes are always full of energy and her music selections are the BEST of any classes you will ever attend. Her workouts are REAL workouts (not some bad aerobics collaboration that feels like the 80’s), and you leave feeling the greatest sense of accomplishment while having loads of fun. I’ve tried a lot (and I mean a LOT) of other instructors and exercises that do not even come CLOSE to Shereen and her workout. After my son was born, it seemed like any work out I’d do would get me no where and I’d lose motivation fast. I started going to her classes a year after my son was born and was able to shed 17 kg of baby weight and keep it off nearly 2 years later. So if you want a real work out that will keep you wanting more, go STRAIGHT to this lady- there’s a reason we all give her 5 stars! You won’t regret it!