I had always wanted to try Zumba but new that if I bought the videos i would do it for about a week or 2 at the most, n really didn’t want to waste my money then 1 day about 2 years ago I got a flyer in my mail box from you guessed it this gorgeous girl to try it for free at my local community centre, so I jumped at the chance and called Shereen the very next day, right from the start even over the phone I knew she was a lovely lady, she was eager to answer any questions I had and I felt comfortable talking to her. So after booking into her 1st ever class in Erskine Park I couldn’t wait to go, when I got there Shereen was very professional and very warm n inviting, she gave me that beautiful smile of hers n I knew that I was going to love the class n I did, n still love her class i go as often as u can n have not loved or stuck with any other class as long n I know it’s all because of the way Shereen conducts herself, her smile and enthusiasm are infectious. Thank you Shereen for introducing me to the wonderful world of Zumba.