I have been to a fitness class at another gym once, where I felt very self conscious. So when I was invited to Krave I didn't think it was going to be any different but I didn't want to let my friend down so I went and I have kept coming back for nearly 5 years. I started doing a morning class - where I learnt how to do crunches properly. Now I have tried lots of classes that Krave has offered. My favourites are Zumba/Toning and KraveBar. Not only do we learn the best way to exercise but we are around lots of encouraging members that I never found at the other gym (no one talked to me). Here we are all friends and look out for each other. Infact I have pushed myself to come to the gym because I have had a bad day and felt terrible but when I leave Krave I have a smile on my face and my mood has changed. Shereen and Jason are the best they are such an inspiration and they know us all. We are not treated like a client but like a friend. I am soooo glad I joined Krave.