10 things I love about Krave: 1. No pressure! I started as a casual member and stayed that way for quite some time without hassle before making the decision to join. 2. It is a small local business. 3. It's like the "Cheers" of gyms. 'where everyone knows your name..' 4. The staff. They replenish your positive vibes after a hard day has sucked you dry. 5. Everyone else. I've surprised myself and made some friends. No enemies here! 6. Go hard or don't. Whichever is totally fine. 7. The space. You know when you do those twerky things and all the fat wobbles? It's dark. There's disco lights. No one cares. Shake it gurl. 8. I love that the gym is headed by an inspirational woman (sorry Jason – you’re great too!), that it employs women and supports women. 9. It’s actually fun. Who knew? 10. Getting fit. Oh, yep.. That happens too.